Effectiveness of Classroom Teaching and Learning Among Students and Faculty After COVID Pandemic

Sathish Kumar Kumaravel, Regan Murugesan, Suresh Rasappan, Nagadevi Bala Nagaram


This paper brings out a study on the feedback from teachers which is carried out after the pandemic situation. The analysis is performed based on various aspects of classroom teaching after the pandemic such as quality of teaching and effectiveness of usage of tools. The fuzzy models like Combined Effective Time Dependent Matrix (CETD), Average Time Dependent Data Matrix (ATD) and Refined Time Dependent Data Matrix (RTD) are applied using the fuzzy matrix theory concepts for the purpose of analysis to bring out the teachers views about the classroom teaching after the pandemic. The effects of classroom teaching after the pandemic among the students are obtained by using concept of average and standard deviation (SD) of the real data matrices. In order to do the analysis, collect the responses by circulate the few questionaries’ among teachers through the Google forms. The graphical representations for the responses are obtained.


ATD; RTD; CETD; Fuzzy Matrix

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/scjournal.v12i2.266


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