Decision making process over neutrosophic pythagorean soft sets using mesure of correlation

R. Narmada Devi, Yamini Parthiban


Correlation is an analytical term that expresses how closely two variables are related linearly. It is an iconic tool to demonstrate simple relations without stating a cause-and-effect link Correlations are useful for describing specifics relationships.
In this paper, the correlation coefficient to Neutrosophic Pythagorean Soft Sets [NPSS] have introduced and studied some of its basic execution. The concept of NPSS correlation assessments is an extension of fuzzy set and neutrosophic set correlation measures. Then the application of college selection based on the students preferences is given using the correlation of the NPSS measure.


Neutrosophic Pythagorean set; Neutrosophic Pythagorean soft set; Correlation coefficient of NPSSs

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