An Overview of Linear Algebra in Image Processing

Suresh Rasappan, Pugalarasu Rajan


Linear algebra plays a crucial role in image processing, providing a powerful mathematical framework for manipulating and analyzing digital images. This article provides a brief introduction to basic linear algebra concepts and techniques commonly used in image processing, including matrix operations, linear transformations. It discuss how these tools can be used to perform operations such as image filtering, compression, registration, and segmentation, and illustrate their use with concrete examples. This work highlight some of the key challenges and open problems in the field of linear algebra and image processing, and suggest future directions for research in this area. This overview aims to provide a broad perspective on the role of linear algebra in image processing, and to stimulate further research in this exciting and rapidly evolving field. For numerical simulation, MATLAB is utilized.


Linear Algebra; Linear Operator; Homogeneity; Array Operation; Matrix Operation.

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