Bisera Mavric, Zejnep Esra Alp, Amine Sumeyye Kunt


Expectations based on gender roles are very important in explanation of women's mental problems, just as it is important regarding the discrimination in the division of labour. In this particular study we were investigating the difference in levels of depression and life satisfaction among married employed and unemployed women. We presented theories and explanations as well related researches in this area and employed a quantitative research in order to find out whether employment of married women affects their levels of depression and life satisfaction. The research was conducted in Ankara - Turkey, using two scientific scales; The Satisfaction with Life Scale, and Beck Depression Inventory. We posted and explained five hypotheses in detail. However, the basic attempt was to answer the following research questions: Does employment affect married women’s rates of depression and life satisfaction? Is there any difference between working and nonworking married women in regard to depression and life satisfaction? The research results showed that there is a statistically significant relationship between depression and life satisfaction, and there is a negative correlation between depression and life satisfaction in general. Therefore if there is an increase on depression levels, decrease is expected on the level of life satisfaction and vice versa. According to the research results; there is a significant difference between employed and unemployed women on life satisfaction.


Depression, Life Satisfaction, Married Women, Employment.

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