International Cooperation on Law against Terrorism: The Harmonization of Antiterror Laws of Turkey and Macedonia

Fehmi Agca, Nicola Dacev


The number of terrorist attacks has been steadily increasing in the past decade. Also, the number of countries exposed to the threat of terrorism is increasing. Terrorism is getting more momentum and wider proportions. Most countries have adopted new legal provisions against the terrorism. The new technologies enable terrorist groups to attract new members, to develop new techniques, to transfer money for financing terrorism, to reach easier worldwide communication and movement between countries. Taking into account the extent of terrorism, the new anti-terrorism legislation is necessary for the prevention of terrorist attacks in future. But, at the final stage, the success of the new legal framework will depend on the international cooperation and good faith and honesty of the global powers. The aim of this article is to review the anti-terror legislations in Turkey and Macedonia, UN Security Council resolutions and EU conventions related to terrorism. In this context, a comparative method of legal research is used to determine the applicability of the existing legislation that regulates this issue.


Anti-terror laws, Terrorism, Technology, Financing Terrorism, International Cooperation.

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