A Study on the Effects of the Consumer Lifestyles on Sustainable Consumption

Hatice Aydın, Sevtap Ünal


In this study,it is aimed to examine the impact of consumers’
lifestyles on sustainable consumption trends. Life style is an
individual’s activities, interests and ideas about various issues.
Consumers make consumption under the influence of these
dynamics. Life style has an important place in the individual’s
consumption decisions. Sustainable consumption is a ethical
consumption which correspond future generations needs
and capabilities without the ethical barriers. But sustainable
consumption is a hard progress which is effected by many factors.
One of the factors is individual’s life styles. Hence this study
aimed to investigate whether there is an impact of consumer’s
life styles on sustainable consumption.According to result
of survey which has been done at Erzurum/Turkey on 350
people, it has been determined that consumers’ life styles have an
impact on their sustainable consumption trends.The consumers
who are innovators and thinkers carry more information about
environmental problems and have more positive attitude. However
thinkers and believers make more sustainable consumption.


Sustainable Consumption; Lifestyle

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/isjss.v1i2.30


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